Running a Marathon just became FUN and EASY!

Welcome to Mile 2 Marathon a fantastic new fun event open to all abilities and all ages. Do it as an individual or with family, friends or work mates and take your health and wellbeing to another level.

If you’ve never done a marathon or fun run before this event is a great introduction. More importantly it’s all about creating excitement around the office, home or with your mates in the lead up and having a heap of fun on event day.

What’s it all about?

We have broken the marathon down to 26 x 1 mile stages. You can register as a team of 26 and do 1 mile each or teams of 13, 6, 2 or 1 and do multiple miles. Each mile will be timed separately from the time competitors cross the start line and until they cross the lap finish line. Competitors will enter the transition area to pass on the timing chip to the teams next runner. The last competitor will then run through the finish line to record the teams overall time.

The MAIN event Mile 2 Marathon – Here each team member will complete at least one mile or multiple miles as part of a team of 26,13,6, 2 or 1. A digital transponder attached to your leg is handed to the following team member once the course has been completed, with the final team member running across the finish line. Each team member will receive their own result which will combine for a total team time.

The One Miler Club – This is open to anyone just wanting to come and do a mile run as an individual but still want to be part of the weekend. Open to all ages